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Copper #2207

Gender: male

Status: Adopted

Meet Copper…our fabulous rescue Golden. Copper’s birthday is July 14th and by an amazing coincidence, that was the birthday and the day we lost our beloved Kelsey. That convinced me that Copper coming into our lives was a total meant-to-be. Copper is the strong silent type who absolutely loves his new sister Zoe. They do everything together, particularly wrestling ~ they’re both wrestling fools…an absolute delight to watch. Copper also loves playing ball ~ small balls, big balls, tennis balls, soccer balls…it doesn’t matter. He’ll play with them all and carry them around in his mouth. He also loves eating, cuddling, going for walks, and, of course, wrestling. He seems to love the water but doesn’t know how to swim yet ~ next summer’s project! Oh Copper, it is so wonderful to have you in our lives.

Thank you Golden Rescue!

When I got the long-awaited phone call from Golden Rescue two years ago, I was told that Copper was a wonderful boy who loves everyone and everything. That was no exaggeration. He loves people. He loves life. He loves food and jumps for joy with all fours leaving the ground at meal time. He loves belly rubs, cuddles, being brushed, going on walks, camping, swimming, and of course, the Golden Rescue picnic. I am in love and so happy to be Copper’s mom.

The Next Chapter…..Copper is famous! The Bon Echo Provincial Park uses the Bon Echo newspaper to inform campers about the campground, in which there are rules and regulations associated with ‘Camping with you Dog’. They give this to every camper. They have been using the same photo for 18 years, but this year they must have been struck by Copper’s good looks and used him as the park’s new ‘ambassador’.

~ Kim

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