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Teddy #2216

Gender: male

Status: adopted

I hadn’t had a furry family member for many years and then I met Teddy. I saw him on the Golden Rescue website and somehow fell instantly in love ~ it truly was a meant-to-be. Dear Teddy isn’t a purebred Golden ~ he has some Collie in him; however, he is ‘mostly Golden’. When I picked up this big, handsome boy, he slept in my truck all the way during our five-hour drive. He was a happy boy when he first arrived at our house and was fascinated by our cat who is now Teddy’s best friend. The only thing Teddy loves more than our cat is empty toilet paper rolls which he rips up with great fervor. Oh well it could be worse ~ it could have been the furniture! I am so lucky to have found Teddy and can’t imagine my life without him.

~ Shelley

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