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Shiah #2247

Gender: female

Status: adopted

Shiah settled into our home, family, and hearts instantly. This healthy, energetic girl, having recovered from extensive leg surgery, is like the bionic Golden. She can run, jump, and play as well as any dog in the neighbourhood. She is friendly and affectionate with everyone and her trainer kindly calls her ‘exuberant’. She is learning to focus better amid life’s exciting distractions and is learning not to jump up on everyone she meets. She is even learning to walk nicely on her leash. Shiah and our family cat have come to an understanding and they can now even share a couch or chair together ~ too cute indeed. We are truly, madly, and deeply in love with our beautiful girl and we are so happy and grateful to GR for letting us adopt sweet Shiah ~ thank you so much!

~ Cynthia & Kevin

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