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Murphy #2303
Annie #2304
Status: adopted

Murphy and Annie are big hits in our neighbourhood and people stop us every day to say how happy they look. Perhaps it is our ‘look’ as well as we couldn’t be happier guardians of this terrific couple. People ask about their story constantly and we must pass along the GR website address once a day. Murphy is great outdoorsman while Annie is much happier inside. She looks to Murphy for approval when they are outside when Annie encounters something new. It’s as if she’s saying: “Is it okay Murph?” which is totally adorable to watch. As cautious as she can be at times, she’ll swat Murphy on the head and steal his ball or stick so she’s not exactly a shrinking violet. Murphy doesn’t mind the swats ~ he is so calm and patient around her. Annie, although not as outgoing as Murphy, loves mental stimulation and is very smart and easy to train. We could gush about this wonderful pair all day long as we love them so much. Adopting them is the best thing we ever did.

Krista, Dick & Grace

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