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Cotton #2355

Gender: female

Status: adopted

Cotton #2355, who is a 4 yr old female wanna-be Golden is such a delight. ..she’s remarkable really! It’s hard to believe that you can love a dog this quickly. Cotton is a gentle, sweet soul who has respectfully entered our family circle. Amber, also a gentle, loving being, at age 11 years, has calmly made room for Cotton, and Cotton is giving her, her space but not avoiding her. Several companionable walks together with Cotton waiting patiently on leash for Amber to catch up… and a quiet calm night’s sleep for all! Early days yet but an amazingly smooth transition thus far! I’ve been reflecting on the incredible privilege it is to be a part of this and how fortunate we are to meet Cotton. As I untied the Turkish Nazars’ necklace last night, I thought about the loving hands that less than 24 hours before and halfway around the world, who had tied that good luck necklace on Cotton and all the other golden travellers as they started their journey to a new life in Canada. A heartfelt ‘thank you’ to you and all the rescue teams in Istanbul
and here for all that you do!

Lynne and David

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