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Casey #2362
Alli #2363
Status: adopted

The experience of seeing these beautiful Goldens arrive on Flight #9 on June 1st at the Toronto Airport was heart wrenching. We cried from the moment we arrived. All 10 Goldens were so peaceful, having traveled halfway around the world and finally meeting their new families. It is amazing how well behaved the pups were. We truly believe they realized they were being rescued and would now have a warm secure home with lots of love. We were so blessed to adopt two ~ Alli (Maggy #2363) and Casey (Palas #2362) ~ they are truly bonded and never take their eyes off each other. They have settled so well in their new home in Nova Scotia ~ it’s like they have always lived with us. We were pleasantly surprised that they were house-trained and very well behaved. They love their toys ~ we’re not sure they’ve ever had a squeaky toy before (they now have a toy box full to the brim). They each take their plush Barney to bed. Everywhere we go, people ask about them and we explain how we were so fortunate to adopt them and about the fantastic work Golden Rescue does. These two beauties have brought so much joy to our home ~ we are one big happy family. Their coats have filled out, they have gained weight, and Alli now has a Golden tail. They just love to be brushed and hugged. We believe they think they are lap dogs and we love every minute of it. Alli, who was very sick shortly after she arrived, has done a complete turnaround. She wants to eat every day now and just chows down ~ no more hand feeding. Casey is so laid back…he will sit when you tell him and give a paw ~ he is a fast learner. Alli was so coddled when she was sick so we really didn’t try to train her. Her favourite thing is to give you a hug. Thank you so much again for choosing us to adopt these gorgeous pups ~ you have no idea how happy you have made us.

Carol & Ray

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