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Bailey #2383

Gender: female

Status: adopted

Hi Everyone, my name is Bailey #2383 and I want to update you on all the changes that have happened to me over the past few months. Back in June I found myself in the wonderful care of Golden Rescue. I had a loving foster mom who took me way up north to her cottage! I had so much fun running in the woods, chasing chipmunks, and making friends with the neighbours. I earned the nickname The Chippymeister 🙂

Then in July these two people came to visit. I didn’t know who they were, but I liked them right away, and they seemed to really like me too! I mean how could they not…I am beautiful, kind, loving, and so well behaved. All of a sudden they put me in their car and we drove a long way to a new home which these people, who call themselves mommy and daddy, told me that I would live furever! I met my 5 cat siblings who have all welcomed me, and I have 2 new beds which I share with the cats and a whole toy box full of fun stuff….including would you believe….a stuffed chippy!!! I have a big backyard that I love to run in, and there are even two chipmunks that live under the shed 🙂

Everyone says that even though I am 9 years old, I act like a pup when I want to go somewhere!! I love going on my walks and I love laying on the deck when it’s not too hot. All in all, it has been an exciting few months and I have made myself quite at home in my new surroundings. My mom and dad say that I helped them heal their hurting hearts as they had lost a 14 year old Golden just a month before I came to live with them. I try my very best to show them how grateful I am to be living with them by showing them all the love I can, and in turn, they shower me with love and affection every day.

Lynda & Ron

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