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Masha #2440

Gender: female

Status: Adopted

Masha is the world’s best kisser. She wants to kiss every nose she meets! A beautiful, gentle soul whose best friend, Lady Bug (another rescue who lives next door) is equally gentle. They hang out and play together constantly. The third amigo, Miko, is the family cat and they all share the backyard with birds and squirrels. All three just watch them…they don’t chase…they simply enjoy looking. How beautifully gentle is that? Masha loves her new life and wishes others, like her, find their forever families soon.

Almost three weeks now that I’m in my forever home, and I have a few things to talk about. First of all, my mom says that I’m the best kisser she has ever met. I mean, I love kissing noses (and because of the size of my tongue, everything is nearby)! I just can’t resist! Second, imagine: my BFF, Lady Bug, lives right next door! She’s about my size and as gentle and nice as I am. She’s a rescue too, and we love to play together. Third, and the best part, MY backyard. In my backyard, there is a cat (my half-sister, Miko), but this is not the point. The point is, in MY backyard, there are 6 (S-I-X) squirrel feeders! I have MY OWN squirrels!! My mom, Miko and I sit for hours in the backyard, enjoying squirrels and birds. I don’t have to look for squirrels, I just have to look at them! My mom and dad walk with me to many different places (we take the car to get there sometimes). I love all my walks, discovering new friends (I can’t remember all their names, there are so many!), new scents, new people. I love my new life, and I wish many others like me will also find there forever home soon.

Thanks, Golden Rescue, for helping me to have a second chance!

The Next Chapter…..Just like Raymond, everybody loves Masha.  She sits on the grass of our front yard looking over her kingdom enjoying life.  She doesn’t need a leash as she is such a calm, good girl.  Passers-by visit and pet her and come to get a kiss.  She is a very popular girl.  Yes, Masha is loved by everyone…human, canine and feline alike.  She’s an absolute superstar and you have made us very happy by allowing us to be her forever family.

Carole & Dave

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