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Jakey #2445

Gender: male

Status: adopted

Jakey came to us with guarding issues (he used to growl or nip if you tried to take something from his mouth) and separation anxiety. This wonderful boy, however, has left his troubled past behind and has become the great boy we knew he would be. He has learned the command ‘drop it’ and does it every time making his guarding issue a thing of the past. His separation anxiety has calmed down dramatically ~ he still doesn’t love it when we leave but he knows we’re always going to come back so he’s not destructive anymore when left alone. This wonderful boy has sure come a long way. He loves his stuffies and our home now looks like a three-year-old lives here. His most favourite toy is his softball, which he carries around with pride both inside and out as he is a crazy baseball fan. When he is watching a game of softball at the park, it is almost impossible to get.

Robin & Glen

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