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Ricki #2456

Gender: female

Status: adopted

Sweet Ricki came to us overweight and unkempt. She was pretty lethargic even for a 10-year-old. Very soon, however, she lost seven pounds and her energy level improved every single day. She used to pull on the leash and lay down after a three-minute walk. Now she can’t wait for her walks and her manners have improved dramatically. It is such a joy to see her come into her own and her joie de vivre has returned in spades particularly when she plays with her sister Shiloh or goes on her beloved car rides. She even eats like a lady now, leaving a little for afters ~ what a change from the food-devouring girl we first met. I am so happy to have Ricki in my life. She’s a sweet, affectionate, gorgeous girl ~ thank you Golden Rescue.


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