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Sage #2472
King #4299
Verda #3185
Status: Adopted

Meet our three beautiful Golden Rescue Goldens living happily together! Sage is the aloof grand dame of the pack. King is the gentle giant and sweet Verda is the newcomer who follows King everywhere. King and Verda play together a lot, always under Sage’s watchful eye. After play time, the two of them take up the entire hall, stretching along the wall for frequent naps. King also insists on keeping Sage’s face clean as he licks her constantly and she just lies there with her tail wagging. We’re guessing she likes it. These three musketeers make Golden Rescue very proud and they are the epitome of the good work rescue does. And, of course, we think they are simply the best and we could not love them more!   

Leona & Darrell 

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