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Kopek #2493

Gender: male

Status: adopted

Kopek came to us as Dylan #2493 in November on Flight #16 from Istanbul. From the moment we saw Kopek at the Toronto Airport, he was jumping in his crate like a jumping bean and he hasn’t stopped since! He is brave, adventuresome, full of energy, and excited about life ~ eager to try all things new! Kopek can’t wait to go, see more, do more, and experience more. I can’t keep up with him. He is like a toddler who wants to know ‘what is it?’, ‘where does it come from?’, ‘what does it taste like?’ or ‘what happens if I pick it up and put it in my mouth?’ Kopek loves all other dogs and he and his sister Xia are great friends ~ it only took a couple of days before they were snuggled up together. Kopek is so gentle with the neighbourhood children and can’t wait to see them all on his daily walks around his neighbourhood. To add to the daily adventure, Kopek is always on the look out for food. Anything that looks, smells or might possibly be a food item needs to be investigated. This has got Kopek into some pretty interesting situations! He is the master of trickery and distraction and when he gets you busy somewhere else or focused on some other decoy, he will be stealing your breakfast, lunch or dinner faster than you can say ‘Kopek!’ He opens doors and cupboards and one day snuck out of the bathroom and, as I chased him while soaking wet in my towel, he ran to the kitchen and was in the kitchen sink licking all my dirty dishes clean! Every day with Kopek has been an adventure. He is so loving, cuddly, and sweet and just gazes at us adoringly every night when he comes to us for his nightly snuggle time. We are so grateful to have him in our family and happy to see him gaining weight, filling out, and learning how to live in a home as a part of a loving family. We thank Golden Rescue for saving Kopek, and so many more just like him, from the sad and difficult life on the streets of Istanbul. In our family, Kopek will always have lots to eat, many soft and comfortable places to sleep, and a lap to lie on, a hand to pat him, and arms available for hugs!


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