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Mercedes #2505

Gender: female

Status: adopted

Mercedes has come such a long way since we picked her up at the airport almost a year ago. It took some time but she has really come out of her shell and has developed such a wonderful loving personality. She gets along with everyone she meets, dogs and cats included. Chipmunks not so much ~ she chases them through the yard. She keeps learning new things every day. For example, cowboy boots, although tasty, aren’t chew toys! She loves everything about her new life ~ playing with her sisters Katie and Hershey especially when there’s snow on the ground, constant cuddling on our bed (which most days she thinks is hers), and visits to Tim Hortons (LOL). Her biggest achievement though is her recent graduation as a St. John’s Therapy Dog! We get to share her story with so many people and she is a joy in our lives and we are blessed to have her as part of our family!

Ginger & Tony

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