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Cami #2509

Gender: male

Status: Adopted

Cami has been described as the most adorable Golden EVER ~ high praise indeed. He loves his new sister, Amber, and happily shares all his new toys with her. He is a squirrel fanatic and chases those little varmints relentlessly, scratching his head every time they escape up the tree. He loves his daily walks and the limp he came with seems to be getting better each day. A cuddler extraordinaire, this sweet soul is loved so much by our forever family ~ a love he returns every single day.

The Next Chapter…..Cami came to Canada from Istanbul with a very crooked leg.  It looked like he would need surgery but as time went on, he seemed to be coping with this imperfection with little or no problem so surgery was shelved.  Today he runs like the wind and his back leg has built up lots of muscle and seems to rarely bother him.  He has also gained 20 much-needed pounds and is a healthy, happy boy.  He now has a beautiful, full and soft coat ~ a far cry from what his coat looked like when he first arrived in Canada.  This goofy, grateful Golden has fit in beautifully with his new pack and we love him dearly.

~ Dawn

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