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Dasher #2536

Gender: male

Status: Adopted

Here we are two years later on what has been an incredible journey for Dasher.  He is doing amazing and has taught his family about love, patience and trust.  It took him longer to settle in ~ we had our doubts at times that we could help him recover ~ health-wise or emotionally.  He seemed to be suffering from severe trauma from his Istanbul life.  Dasher didn’t trust us and was afraid to even go out in the fenced backyard.  It didn’t help that he didn’t understand any English commands.  Other dogs, men and noises terrified him.  He wouldn’t close his eyes at night to go to sleep, always on high alert for danger.  We searched out Veterinarian and trainer help and we started to see slow progress.  Now, two years later, I am so proud of this beautiful sweet boy and his ability to start over, trust and become attached to our family.  He is a very popular boy in the neighbourhood and at the vet’s.  Golden Rescue, miracles do happen ~ Dasher is proof of that!

Dasher’s Story

Wow, it’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since Golden Rescue saved me from a lonely, scary life on the streets of Istanbul.  Lucky me!  Thanks to Golden Rescue I arrived in Canada in December 2016.  I was one of the “Christmas” Istanbul Goldens ~ I am named after one of Santa’s reindeer.  When I got here, I was underweight, unhealthy, had broken teeth, couldn’t understand English and I was afraid of almost everything…especially noises and other dogs.  My new human mom said I had a case of PTSD ~ I was too afraid to bark.  I had never walked on a leash before or had regular, daily love.  My new family even laid on the floor with me when I got scared at night ~ I learned I was safe.  They took me to dog school to get confidence and, wow, did I ever learn fast.  It took time, lots of love and good vet care but I love my new life now!  My family says that I am a big love bug, I love to be wherever they are.  Don’t tell the squirrels and rabbits though, I love to give them a hard time.  Thanks, Golden Rescue for giving me a new life!


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