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Dasher #2536

Gender: female

Status: Adopted

On Dasher! Hey, I am named after Santa’s lead reindeer – so I am kinda a big deal at Christmas. I recently celebrated my first year in Canada with my new family. This is my story and it’s about second chances, love, healing and the Golden spirit.

I was living a sad, lonely, hard life on the streets of Istanbul. A Christmas miracle happened and one day I was given a second chance at life in Canada, thanks to Golden Rescue. As you can see I clean up very nicely. When I first arrived I had: fleas, 8 broken teeth, a skin infection and was underweight. My eyes looked sad and I didn’t understand English. I came with good house manners though. My new human mom would lie on the floor beside me at night when I got scared and anxious. I was nervous of other dogs. However, things turned around pretty quickly! I went to Dog School and aced it, even though I didn’t understand the language. With the daily love from my new family and my Vet- my health improved and I started to come out of my shell. Wow: a cushy bed, a backyard, daily walks, toys and a Kong with peanut butter inside. I even got fed twice a day. I sure do love it here! That is until squirrels show up and it’s game over… Merry Christmas from Dasher!

The Next Chapter…..

In July, Dasher is celebrating his 5th birthday and 18 months living an amazing life in Canada.  This is a story about second chances, healing and the amazing Golden Spirit.

Dasher is named for one of Santa’s reindeer, so he represents the wonderful Christmas spirit year-round – a special gift.

Thanks to Golden Rescue, Dasher was given a second chance for a new, better life – he was rescued off the hard streets of Istanbul.  When he arrived in Canada he had the saddest eyes, very quiet and his head hung low.  He was afraid to close his eyes, especially at night – always seemed on guard.  Other dogs caused him anxiety.  Loud noises terrified him.  Dasher was enrolled in private training and we started to see a glimpse of a dog having fun and running free without worries of being attacked – he made incredible progress.  The vet gave us hope that there was a special boy waiting to shed those protective layers.  Wow, did he ever over time.  Slowly, a walk in the neighbourhood became less stressful.

Dasher has really progressed – he is a sweet, calm, healthy boy and holds his head high.  One of our favourite activities is to sit on the front porch together.  Dasher loves to watch the action and greet people and dogs as they walk by – this is, of course, excluding the squirrels and chipmunks…they are definitely not allowed on the property!


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