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Jack #2539

Gender: male

Status: adopted

Jack came all the way from Istanbul and had a bit of a rocky start in Canada. It took a while before he found where he was destined to be…with us! You see, he did have a few issues but one of them was that he had more Chow in him than Golden. When we saw him on the GR website, we couldn’t believe it as we had recently lost our Chow/Lab cross who we loved dearly and we were looking to share our home with another who desperately needed us. Dear Jack fit the bill perfectly. These days Jack is an 80-pound puppy who performs the magic trick of making two cups of food disappear in the blink of an eye. After his unlucky run before coming to Canada, Jack is settling in beautifully, getting more relaxed and loving each day. These days his worst habit is his snoring, something GR should definitely have disclosed beforehand (LOL).

Derek & family

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