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Riley #2552

Gender: male

Status: adopted

Riley came to us from Istanbul very underweight.  It turned out he had tapeworms, which took a little while to diagnose but once it was discovered, his issues settled down and he started to put on weight (12 pounds so far).  Once he was better, we were able to introduce him to the fun things like the dog park, where he has made many girlfriends.  He is also starting to love the dog swimming pool.  He was nervous with water at first but is now becoming a seasoned swimmer.  He loves his many toys but we do have to make sure we hide our shoes!  He is grateful to be here and has decided he’d like to start paying it forward so he has done two Golden Rescue events already, including the Zoomer Show, where he loved the attention.  Thank you so much for matching us with Riley~ we just love him to bits.

Andrea & Chris

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