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Clancy #2554

Gender: male

Status: adopted

Clancy, our handsome, handsome boy, is progressing very well.  After he graduated from obedience school, it was suggested he would be a good therapy dog so we enrolled him there.  The words I, and others, use to describe Clancy are: sweet, affectionate, smart and loving.  He loves all people and most dogs but for no apparent reason, he can be grumpy with some.  He can also be a bit stubborn on his walks if he thinks a longer one is in order.  What a character, but hey, at least he is articulating his needs, right?  He loves his cushy bed or sometimes he goes into his crate for a nap.  At night we often find him sleeping in our room by the door where he can keep an eye on us.  He has brought so much love to our home and he makes us laugh with his gentle ways.  He is truly a treasure!


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