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Muppet #2607

Gender: female

Status: adopted

Muppet came to us almost 20 pounds overweight with some serious tearing and weeping eye problems that could have led to blindness. Our number one goal that we set for ourselves was to get Muppet fit and healed by the Golden Rescue picnic, which was about seven months away. An exercise and diet regimen started and soon the pounds were melting away. The word ‘treat’ was no longer in our vocabulary and consistent eye care healed her vision. This amazing girl strutted to the GR picnic, the picture of good health and fitness, and she had the time of her life ~ doing the trail hike, swimming, and going out on the canoe. We were so proud of her that day and every day. Muppet is proof that consistency and love are key for any rescue’s success. She is a beautiful girl and we love her.

Lynn & Andrew

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