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#2612 Cailey
Cailey #2612

Gender: female

Status: Adopted

The amazing Cailey came to her new forever family from Istanbul. She seemed to take instantly to her new environment and was quite sedate. In time, however, she started to display that loveable Golden vim and vigor and is improving every day. She is not a barker, which is actually good as she lives in a townhouse. Her commands are getting really good and she is a star on the leash, unless she sees a rabbit…then all bets are off. Hey, who amongst us wouldn’t get excited seeing Bugs Bunny! Cailey is still timid around other dogs but has made a few friends in the neighbourhood. This sweet girl has really bonded with us and she follows us everywhere. She is quite simply a sweet and happy cuddle-bug.

The Next Chapter…..When Cailey arrived from Istanbul, we weren’t sure what to expect.  We had no idea what her life had been like, how long she had been on the street or how she had been treated.  She seemed pretty content to be with us but she had to be wondering whether it was just temporary.  She was timid of other dogs and a little growly with friends’ dogs.  Now, eight months later, we think she knows we are her forever family.  She approaches other dogs on the street for the regular sniff greeting and the dogs she growled at are now her best friends and they curl up and sleep together.  She runs, plays and comes to us with a smile on her face.  We’re so grateful she is relaxed and happy.  She loves to cuddle and gives hugs and we actively encourage both.  Her personality is really shining through.  She is goofy and a little mischievous.  Her love of people and gentleness after being abandoned and left to her own devices truly astounds us.  Recently on a walk, we met an elderly lady in a wheelchair.  Cailey can sometimes get excited when she greets people but she gently walked up to the lady and just stood beside her.  I thought maybe we were blocking her way but then I noticed that the lady was touching Cailey’s neck.  Cailey just stood there calmly and when the lady took her hand away, she gently backed away.  Thank you, Golden Rescue (and we think there was a little intervention from an angel) for choosing us to be Cailey’s forever family.


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