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Buddy #2625

Gender: male

Status: Adopted

Buddy arrived in our home with a little weight problem.  With better food, and less of it, along with an active, healthy lifestyle, he has lost 28 pounds.  Wow!!  One of his responsibilities is to bring in firewood ~ a job he does with great aplomb.  He takes his job so seriously that people stop to stare at him as they can’t believe the size of the log he is dragging home.  Buddy says, “Hey, if a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing well”.  Our family is so grateful to Golden Rescue for finding us such a wonderful boy.

The Next Chapter…..Buddy came into the GR program overweight with badly matted fur and a bad skin condition.  We and our trusted vet nursed and loved this boy back to fighting fit health.  He lost an amazing 34 pounds, his coat is now beautiful and shiny and his skin is perfectly healthy.  This wonderful boy, who could barely walk two blocks, now prances for 45 minutes with a spring in his step that is hard to keep up with.  You can easily pick out where Buddy lives by the variety of logs he brings inside.  He is our miracle and a wonderful gift to our family.  Never underestimate what love and kindness can do!


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