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Luna #2644

Gender: female

Status: Adopted

Luna is a beautiful Istanbul Golden who came to Canada a year ago confused and afraid.  She was also scrawny with a bad skin rash.  Luna was afraid of stairs, being left alone and grates of any kind.  In the past year, this girl has flourished in the care of our loving arms and our trusted vet.  Over time, Luna opened up to everyone and everything around her.  This tail-wagging wonder has not only overcome her fears but has taken to Canada with great enthusiasm, especially if she is on or around water of any kind.

The Next Chapter…..

You came into our family’s life on August 30, 2017, after a long and frightening trip from Istanbul, via Germany, to Dorval.  I remember the first moment I saw your fearful face peeking from the second crate and your quizzical look when I told you that I was your new mommy.  In that moment, did I only imagine that your look transformed from one of fear to gratefulness?  I don’t think so.  Your remarkable, ever-present, dedication to protecting me was modeled on your first night in Canada when we stayed at the Delta Hotel in Montreal.  As I left the room to go to the parking lot to retrieve our bags, you sat upright, in a military-guard position at the door, until I returned fifteen minutes later.  Are you aware that you still do that every time I leave the house?  Golden Rescue told me it would be weeks, maybe months, before you would wag your tail.  But you adapted so readily to your Canadian family, that you wagged it, to our utter delight, on day three!  Oh darling Luna, our feelings for you have multiplied exponentially with each passing day, week and month ~ quite simply, you light up our life like the moon at night and make every day a sunnier one.  We simply could not imagine our life without you.  We’ve watched you evolve from being a submissive girl, who at first, would walk backwards to get out of a room or through any doorway, tremble at grates of any nature and never attempt a floor made of linoleum or tiles.  And so, with bursting tears, we have watched your positive, and oftentimes giddy, reactions to so many of your firsts ~ all of which you embraced with the adventurous spirit that defines YOU ~ swimming in Muskoka, getting your own donut bed, traveling across Canada and more recently into the USA, taking a ferry to Vancouver Island, retrieving a LOG…not just a stick, smelling lavender, sneaking into mommy’s bed, getting groomed with an earmuff on your head, and stalking ducks in Sudbury.  After having lived in a desert-like environment, what was it like to have ferocious winds blow on your face, roll in fresh winter snow or jump into the Thanksgiving leaves of Vermont?  I think the answer is that all of it has made you indescribably happy, as you have made us.  Looking at your angelic, peaceful face every single day and night confirms what we know ~ you are relieved that you were rescued ~ and ever so happy with your new life.  And so, while you may be grateful for having found your forever family, it is we who are thankful for having found our forever Luna.

We love you to kibbles and bits, Mommy (Marg), Catie, Ryan & Jack

(Note from the Guardian editor ~ Luna’s story is unedited.  We were so moved by Luna’s forever family’s story ~ there is no way would could make it better than it is ~ enjoy!)

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