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Charlie #2675

Gender: male

Status: adopted

Charlie has adapted really well to his new home in Canada.  It only took him about a week after his ‘trains, planes and automobiles’ trek to settle in and believe he was safe and loved.  He is really wonderful and we couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful Golden.  It took him a while to understand snow but now he loves it and jumps around like a rabbit and sometimes runs so fast he trips over his own paws.  He has even taken to rolling in the white stuff.  Our other Golden, Nike, and Charlie get along so well.  I can’t wait to see if Charlie likes to play in the water.  We have a pool and our family has a cottage on a lake.  Overall, Charlie has adapted extremely well.  Although he is apparently six years old, he still looks like a big puppy.  He is simply adorable, lovable and cute!  He is loved by everyone he meets and is very gentle with the little ones.  With Nike and Charlie, I think we have two perfect Goldens!  Thank you again for giving us the opportunity and pleasure of providing Charlie with a loving home.

Lucie & Luc

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