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Elsa #2729

Gender: female

Status: adopted

We love and adore Elsa, and she seems pretty pleased with us.  I can’t say enough good things about her and how seamlessly she has fit into our lives.  She loves the daily routine of going to work with me, greeting the customers and heading home for dinner.  We can’t wait to see her reaction when it’s cottage time!  Her food possessiveness with other dogs is letting up a little, but mostly just with my mom’s dog.  This is a minor point and completely understandable.  We make adjustments to accommodate this.  I’m also anxiously awaiting the time when Elsa feels comfy getting up on the couch with us to snuggle; it’s only been a few months, so not pushing that too hard.  She loves her walks and 2.5 km is about her max.  She is leading me until the last .5!  LOL


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