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Diva #2732

Gender: female

Status: adopted

Diva IS a diva.  She is beautiful, loving and crazy smart.  This alpha girl is so smart she actually chewed off her gentle leader as if to say, “I don’t need this ~ I walk perfectly on a leash without it”.  And she was so right ~ we are sorry for doubting you, Diva, because you walk like a dream.  Apart from having to lose a few pounds, she is a very healthy girl who loves running like the wind at her dog park.  When we go to the dog park, I put bells on Diva’s neck so we can keep track of her because she wants to explore everything.  She particularly likes rolling in mud puddles, which is very un-diva like!  I extend my gratitude to all of you for bringing the lovely Diva to Canada and sending her my way.


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