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#2745 ~ Aya

ID #: 2745 Gender: female Status: adopted

We welcomed Aya into our family in mid-February 2018.  She immediately took to becoming best buds with the other dog Nica who was rescued from Nicaragua a year earlier.  Their energy levels match one another perfectly and they never seem to get bored 🙂  Aya is so kind, gentle, sweet and goofy.  She enjoys following me around wherever I go.  Her nickname is Shadow.  She loves the backyard as she and Nica rip laps around the yard, she enjoys sunbathing, park days, socializing and hiking.  She learned her basic commands right away and is super attentive to providing snuggles.  She absolutely LOVES peanut butter!!!  She has a very soft kind soul and provides comfort to anyone she meets.  She loves car rides as she knows another adventure is just around the corner.  She loves big birds at the beach and eating all the seaweed.  She calmly watches sunsets, and I am excited to see if she likes paddle boarding this summer.  We look forward to many road trips, hiking adventures, camping and so many snuggle sessions 🙂  I truly won the jackpot of adoptions.  She’s absolutely perfect.  Thank you Golden Rescue!

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