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2770 ~ Charlie

ID #: 2770 Age: 8 month Gender: male Status: available

Hi everyone, my name is Charlie and I’m looking for a strong alpha human who I can look up to and respect ~ who will show me the way through your human land.  You see, I’m an eight-month-old pup and I missed a lot of school.  I might be the happiest boy in the world but I am a bit of a ‘puppy handful’.  Don’t get me wrong, I do know some commands and I am smart so I learn quickly.  I’m also strong and have energy to burn.  My biggest failing is I haven’t learned how to share; therefore, I don’t like it if you try and take my toys away.  If you ask me firmly to ‘drop it’ I will but I’ll growl if you actually try and take a toy out of my mouth.  I’m also a bit of a handful on the leash…okay, maybe a bit more than a handful.  I’m just too excited to be out and about exploring this wonderful world.  I love humans and I also like dogs but I’m a bit of an in-your-face and rough type, trying to be the dominant player, so again, I need a strong alpha to keep me out of trouble to show me the ropes and rules of good behaviour.  A large, fenced yard in a rural area or small town would be best for me.  The wonderful folks at Golden Rescue think it would be best to not have children nor other pets in the home until my behaviour is predictable.  Don’t worry, I’ll figure it all out in time but you need to be patient, consistent, and kind…and not a push-over as I will push every button you have (teehee).  So, if there is someone out there who is looking for a lively, rambunctious puppy who will love you to the moon and back, I’m your boy!

Charlie is currently being fostered in the Newmarket, ON area. If you would like more information about Charlie please call our hot-line toll free at 1-866-712-8444 or email and one of our volunteers will be happy to return your call.


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