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Gordie #2882
Status: Adopted

Gordie is a ‘foster failure’ ~ a humorous term-of-endearment that Golden Rescue uses when a foster family becomes the forever family. Gordie started his journey with Golden Rescue with a different name and not speaking English (he knew only French). In no time, however, Gordie took to his new name and picked up English quickly. He is a sweet, loveable, and gentle boy with a sixth sense of what humans need and an inherent ability to give them what they need. So much so that after his St. Johns Ambulance training (which he passed with flying colours), he became a therapy dog. These days, he visits several seniors’ homes every week and never disappoints. His only foible is that he has severe separation anxiety, which might also be why he is so tuned into people’s needs. For us, it’s not a problem as he is always with us. He is our heart dog and he is ‘home’.

Heather & Bill

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