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Cleo #2904

Gender: female

Status: Adopted

Cleo…what a great name for an Egyptian girl.  Upon arrival in Canada, this Queen of the Nile couldn’t wait to get out of her crate.  As soon as she realized that I was her new mom, she tried to soothe me as I was crying so hard when I saw my new precious girl.  Once we arrived home, Cleo met her new dad and her new canine brother.  Within a few weeks, Cleo and her brother were best of friends, although things did get a wee bit tense when toy sharing was in question.  On her second day in Canada, she saw snow for the first time and was scared of the white stuff at first.  Now, she loves to dig and jump around in it.  She has become a true Canadian and a happy member of our family.

The Next Chapter……My name is Cleo and I arrived from Egypt on November 26th. Life in Cairo was not good. You should have seen how excited I was to be released from my crate after a long airplane ride. My new mom was crying (a LOT) and was so excited to welcome me into her arms. My dad was waiting for me at home and kept bugging us about how much longer we would be. My sister, on the other hand, was hoping I was just a visitor. I won her over though ~ in just a few weeks we were the best of friends.  She’s not crazy about when I bite her ears and tail ~ so I need to work on that. My mom describes me as cuddly, playful, and perfect. I like to always have my mom and dad in sight because I never want to lose them. I love my new home, toys, and most importantly, my food and treats. One thing I wasn’t so sure about though was snow. My second day here I saw snow for the first time and was scared of the white stuff. Now, I love to dig and jump around in it. My mom tells me, since I came shortly before Christmas, that I was the best present she has ever received. My sister wanted some new toys for Christmas as I ruined a lot of hers. I didn’t have any Christmas wishes because I got the best present ever ~ a fabulous new fur-ever family. Thank you, Golden Rescue!


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