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Fiona #2982

Gender: female

Status: Adopted

Fiona, named after Shrek’s Fiona, came from the forests of Istanbul. You would think that this poor girl would find everything foreign…but not so. Fiona settled with us in a heartbeat. Perhaps you’ve heard that rescues bring lots of baggage and unpack it very slowly. Well, Fiona packed light! Even though she was found in a forest, she didn’t bring any ‘issues’ with her ~ just that handy passport and her protective beaded Turkish necklace that really worked! She is very smart and well trained…OR she was so grateful to be rescued and so smart that she figured out all our human needs and commands almost instantly. This wonderful girl is the hit of our neighbourhood, especially with her two Golden cousins who live next door. Her very best friend, besides us of course, is Lola ~ a big Bernese, who is under two like her. They are the best wrestlers, chasers, and tuggers you’ve ever seen. Fiona arrived here in the winter and took to Canadian winters immediately. Now, after her first summer, she is confused about the ‘water’ thing. She likes paddling in it, but this swimming thing is a mystery to her which is no problem…lots of time to learn that, Fiona. Look how far you’ve come already! We want to thank Golden Rescue for finding Fiona for us ~ we know it was a ton of work and we’re glad we can ‘pay it forward’ by volunteering.

Marg & Dougal

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