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Bubbly #3016
Status: Adopted

Bubbly had a difficult time finding his forever family and I checked your website on a regular basis to see if he had found a home yet. He seemed like a wonderful boy but was aggressive with other dogs so he was hard to place. I figured that after many months, Golden Rescue might consider an American from Virginia…and you did. After many discussions, having to get a passport, and arranging travel plans, I went to meet Bubbly and the rest is history. Easy to say…but there was a lot of driving, a huge leap of faith, and a lot of hopefulness that I would like Bubbly and vice versa. Bubbly now lives with me in a small town and it is rare that we encounter another dog. Bubbly loves company and it took him 45 minutes to calm down when he met his extended family at Christmas. We have bonded forever and, apart from Bubbly’s annoying habit of waking me at 4 a.m. every morning, all is well with the world. You lovely Canadians missed a gem in Bubbly.


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