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Ray #3045

Gender: male

Status: Adopted

This amazing one-year-old is often called Mr. Personality. Ray has filled our life with love and he is such an integral part of our family as we go everywhere together. We adopted him in the spring and we immediately introduced him to water, which he just loves! Water in the pool, water at the cottage, and even water in the shower ~ he loves it all. Since Ray joined our family, there is no such thing as a private shower anymore…Ray is right there getting wet with us. Ray does everything full tilt, especially in the morning as he starts each new day by zooming around the house and backyard at full speed until he tires and is ready for breakfast. Loved by everyone in the neighbourhood, especially the kids, he gets visitors regularly to see if he can come out to play. He often is brought gifts and treats ~ lucky boy! As the saying goes ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’…especially us!

Heather & George

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