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Jake #3087

Gender: male

Status: Adopted

This skinny, wonderful boy is now happily putting on weight and adjusting beautifully to his new life in Canada. He loves to play with his canine brother Dutch and when the grandparents come over with his new cousin, he plays with him as well. Yes, life in Canada is great. Thank you, Golden Rescue!

The Next Chapter…..Jake arrived from Istanbul on May 7th of this year, from the second Jake exited his crate at Pearson airport, this lucky boy somehow knew he had arrived in heaven. We describe the first meeting as a huge emotional experience that we will never forget. Jake settled into his new Canadian life very quickly and with his new-found sibling Dutch, he was the best man at our wedding. Talk about an experience SO different from the Istanbul streets he came from! Very skinny and a counter surfer to boot, Jake soon learned he actually got fed every day and never had to worry about food again. However, this was not before he stole a big block of parmesan from the kitchen counter…and ever since we have dubbed him ‘The Cheese Thief’. He soon went from 68 pounds to a new and healthy 82 pounds and hasn’t stolen cheese since. As the official video-photographer at our wedding, Jake went around with a GoPro strapped to his back. He got some great footage and loved the attention he received. Jake is a loving, happy boy who is so grateful to GR for saving him and we are equally grateful that we were chosen to be Jake’s new Canadian family…but we are equally grateful to have Jake in our life.

The Story Continues…From day one, Jake has been a love bug, always wanting pets and attention. He arrived from Istanbul very underweight and has gone from 68 to 90 lbs. He and his brother, Dutch, have become the best of friends and are inseparable. Both the boys were an integral part of our wedding in 2019.  Then, during our pregnancy, Jake was extra affectionate and frequently rested his head on the baby bump. They are now big brothers to our baby girl Grace. Jake is such a sweet boy who takes his big brother role very seriously. Life is truly wonderful and Jake is a big reason why. 

Leah & Alex

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