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Roxy #3113

Gender: female

Status: Adopted

This beautiful girl is definitely a Golden Retriever but Roxy has undoubtedly got Nova Scotia Duck Toller in her. Often nicknamed FoxyRoxy because of her beautiful fox-like face and fox jumping tendencies, she can bound off all four paws at once and she can really leap high. It took three adoption attempts for Roxy to find the right family but she is now truly ‘home’. She is extremely affectionate and smart. Her intelligence is the reason she pushes the boundaries at times but we have her figured out. Roxy loves her spot on the couch next to us but if someone turns on the fire, she is more than happy to doze in front of it. She came as advertisedneeding a lot of tough love but the discipline only seems to make her love us more! We are so blessed to have her in our lives. 

The Next Chapter…..Roxy is moving to Nova Scotia with us as we are returning to where we grew up. Roxy was a nervous girl when she met new people or dogs but she has come a long way. She is now about to meet her new canine cousins. It will take some adjustments but she is resilient and we are convinced she will love her new home and new friends and family. When we get settled, we want to volunteer for Golden Rescue in Nova Scotia and we know Roxy will be a good ambassador.

The Story Continues….Foxy Roxy has become a loving snuggle-bunny with her very grateful forever family. A little shy at first when she meets new dogs and people, Roxy soon comes out of her shell once she realizes they are friends. Roxy is a happy girl recently celebrating her 4th birthday. She is loved and living her best life.

Candi & Kirk 

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