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Marshall #3129

Gender: male

Status: Adopted

Marshall’s story is a true rescue miracle. Rescued from Cairo, he was a five-month old tripod. We live together in Upstate New York. Not only does Marshall have three legs, he had other mobility, knee, arthritis, and dysplasia issues. Thanks to a specialist from Cornell, a grant from the Remington Fund, and the love, patience, and tenacity of our family, this young boy flourished. Shock wave therapy, water treadmill exercise routines, supplements and medications, and Marshall’s own determination and intensity made a huge impact…so much so that he is actually bounding up the stairs and playing with his German Shepherd sibling. Marshall continues to charm, entertain, and bring smiles to every single person who enters his orbit. He is a gift and an inspiration. When people tell me how lucky he is, I have to smile. Marshall gives me far more than I can ever give him.


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