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#3180 Teddy – New and Still Improving

ID #: 3180 Age: 12 Gender: male Status: Available

Hi everyone…I think I’m getting the hang of this online profile thing.  Here’s my story:  I’m Teddy.  I’m a young 12-year-old with a zest for life.  People say I look much younger.  What can I say?  Must be all the downward dog poses I do each day.  Docile, obedient, protective, sensitive, and loving are some of the words my foster family use to describe me. I’ve come a long way since I first came to the good folks at Golden Rescue.  I have been going to school to learn about myself and what I need. I can be left alone for a number of hours if you have to go to work.  I’m completely house-trained.  Loud noises do not bother me so I can sleep through thunderstorms and fireworks.  I am fine meeting other people but I’m usually a bit on guard initially around people I don’t know ~ I usually warm up to them after a few minutes.  You just have to understand that my past has left me with some scars and there’s a high chance I may never like to be hugged or kissed.  Hopefully that’s not a deal breaker.  Here are some of my likes and dislikes.

I like:

  1. Marrowbone treats…there’s just something about them.
  2. WALKS! Long ones, short ones, fast ones, slow ones.  You pick the pace and I’m there!  I’m a dream to walk unless I see another dog and then I just become this leash-aggressive gymnast who insists on meeting the other dog.  My foster dad tries to teach me about ‘stranger-danger’ but I am stubborn.  It’s best if we go on walks during times when canine traffic is light. My teacher says it’s easier to pass other dogs if I’m wearing a gentle leader so I can be directed away.
  3. Sitting on the kitchen floor watching my foster mom cook.
  4. Being with my family, wherever they are ~ indoors, outdoors or in the car. I love to carry my toy and offer it to them and I sleep on the floor in their bedroom.
  5. Love and affection ~ up to a point. I will let you know when I find your attention a tad overwhelming so then please give me some space.

I don’t care for:

  1. Yuck!
  2. Being kissed on my head or face area. I’ve endured some tough times in my past and anyone trying to kiss me or put their face close to mine makes me feel crowded, insecure, and anxious.  For this reason, I shouldn’t be in a home with young children.  All I ask is for some space and time so I can get to know and trust you.  I’ll initiate kisses when I’m ready, I promise, but I need you to respect my boundaries until I have formed a bond with you.
  3. For some reason, I don’t care for the wet stuff…unless you’re in the rain with me.

What I’m looking for is a loving home with a large yard, perhaps a farm, so I’d have room to run and a yard to chill in with no other dogs in the home. No cats either please.  I definitely need a strong alpha human who can handle me on a leash during my walks and can give me a daily structured routine and boundaries at home.  I want to succeed (I really, really do)!  I want to be loved!  I want to feel safe and I certainly don’t want to be a bother!  If you think we could be a match, then email my adoption peeps and let’s set up a meeting.  In closing, I’d like to use the words of my hero Elvis to express what I would really like…

I don’t want to be your tiger cuz tigers play too rough

I don’t want to be your lion cuz lions ain’t the kind you love enough

Just want to be your Teddy Bear

Put a collar ’round my neck and lead me anywhere

Just want to be, just want to be…your Teddy Bear!

Teddy is currently being fostered in the Etobicoke, ON area. If you would like more information about Teddy please call our hot-line toll free at 1-866-712-8444 or email and one of our volunteers will be happy to return your call.


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