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Levi #3232

Gender: male

Status: Adopted

My husband and I have wanted a Golden Retriever for as long as we can remember. Something about getting a puppy didn’t feel right and adult Goldens were so hard to come across. That’s when we found the incredible people at Golden Rescue and everything changed. About a month ago, we fell in love with the sad face in the picture on the left. He was across the world from us in a shelter in Cairo, Egypt. We didn’t know much about him, other than he liked other dogs and was friendly. We had no idea about his medical history or if he was trained. All we knew was that he was destined to be ours. With much anticipation, we drove four hours to Toronto to pick up our new family member from the airport. We were nervous, anxious, and excited beyond belief. The first few days were quiet and calm as he adjusted to a new schedule, new home, new people, and a whole new life. He quickly learned that we were ‘his people’ and within a few short days had snuggled right up to us showing us all the love he had to offer (which was a lot!). One of the things we laugh about most is Levi’s inability to use his back legs to jump up. It became very obvious that he had never used them for climbing and forgets that he can lift them to climb stairs or get onto the couch. He is learning quickly that if he takes a running start, it is much easier! Fast forward two short weeks and the photo on the right is our Levi now. His eyes have never been brighter. He loves a good belly scratch, scrunches his nose up with excitement when we come home from work, wants so desperately for the cat to love him back, is obsessed with walks, and adores his new toys. Levi was without a doubt meant to be in our family. He is happy, he is loved, he is home. THIS is what rescue feels like!

The Next Chapter…

This Egyptian wonder has won the hearts of everyone he meets. When he first came out of his crate at the airport, our hearts melted. We weren’t sure he was pure-bred because he was so small, skinny, and didn’t have much fur. As time went on and he settled into his new home and became more confident, he became bigger, stronger, and taller and his luscious fur grew into a beautiful fluffy coat. He has become goofy and calm and when he knows you’re talking about him, his face lights up. Levi has changed our lives in the best possible way. We are still wondering ‘who rescued who’.

Karley & Brendan

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