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Barney #3243

Gender: male

Status: Adopted

If you were to ask Barney what his name is, he’d tell you it is ‘my beautiful boy’ because that’s what he hears most often. We adopted him two years ago and he is absolutely that…our beautiful boy. We brought Barney home on October 27, 2019. He was undernourished and had worms. He is intelligent, cautious, and dominant. He knew a number of commands like ‘sit’, ‘lie down’, and ‘give a paw’ but he also came with some bad manners such as food/toy guarding, destructive chewing, and humping. He bit my husband when he went to take something from his mouth. At mealtimes, I used to sit on the floor with his bowl of food and hand feed him one mouthful at a time. We quickly progressed so that he was sitting waiting for his food and accepting my youngest daughter, Emily, as his feeder. Barney is an intelligent boy and he learned very quickly that love, not war, was the way forward. I’m happy to say that with time and patience (as well as earning his trust), he no longer guards his food and will allow us to take anything from him. He is still mischievous and will take things that aren’t his, like socks and hats, but he now brings them to us to show off that he’s got them and now will instantly lie on his back and allow us to take it with the command ‘release’. Barney is a well-traveled boy. Before COVID, we went on several road trips to Myrtle Beach and Quebec City. He also loves camping. My husband loves craft beer and so does Barney. Barney is in his happy place visiting a brewery and lapping up a few drips of beer. Having Barney has been a life-changing experience for our family. There is something about getting a rescue and seeing them transform to achieve their full potential that brings joy to our souls. He means everything to us…our beautiful boy Barney.


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