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Molly #3265
Daisy #4410
Status: Adopted

Molly came to us during Covid. She was a very skittish girl who spent most of her time on her new bed anxiously looking around trying to understand her surroundings. It didn’t take her long to adjust to the backyard and then finally on her walkies. Today she is a sweet cuddle-bunny who loves visitors and does everything she can to discourage anyone from leaving. Her latest job is to help her new sister Daisy settle in with us. Although Daisy is still a work-in-progress, she has chosen Molly as her leader and follows her everywhere. With Molly’s help, Daisy is turning into a sweet, sweet girl who loves every human and dog she meets. She also loves watching TV when she’s not galivanting after Molly. Both girls are rays of sunshine and such wonderful additions to our home.   


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