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Cleopatra #3357

Gender: female

Status: Adopted

Cleo from Cairo is learning to sit and to ring the bell by the side door to go outside. We’re happy to report she has had no accidents in the house. We’re working on ‘down’ as she can be a bit overzealous at times with certain people. She’s great on a leash and eagerly tries to meet all the squirrels in her neighbourhood. Sugar #2526 (from Istanbul) is still trying to figure out if she’s a permanent fixture or just ‘visiting’ and has had to put Cleo in her place once or twice if Cleo is over-exuberant. Cleo is still an energetic pup and she and Sugar play, play, and play. We’re beyond thrilled with the two of them and they’ve injected new energy into the whole family.    

Henry, Kathy, Ben & Sarah 

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