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Priya #3361

Gender: female

Status: Adopted

Hi…my name is Priya and I’ve been a proud Canadian citizen for just over a year. My journey to Canada from Cairo was a little different than some of my friends that Golden Rescue helps bring to Canada. As excited as I was to start my new life, I was not feeling well. I was really sleepy, didn’t feel like eating, had a hard time breathing, and even had trouble keeping water down. My new friends were nice but they seemed really worried about me so they kept bringing me to this place called the vet-er-in-ar-ian, who also seemed worried. While I didn’t mind the attention, I didn’t really like getting poked and prodded. They also started playing this new game called ‘I’m so sorry’ where they forced this liquid called ‘medicine’ down my throat, but I wasn’t about to take it willingly. And you know what? I think they started hiding it in my treats….pretty smart, eh? After a couple of months, I really felt great and boy, was I hungry. The world around me started to seem so interesting ~ birds, plants, dirt, snow…it was all wonderful. I love walking with my new friends, car rides, meeting other dogs at the park, and most of all…snuggles. Oh, and those new friends of mine? Now I call them ‘dad’.

Daryl & Eric

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