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Shelby #3367
Gibson #3368
Status: Adopted

We sure hit the motherload when we adopted this Cairo bonded-pair and we believe they think the same about us. As an active family with two busy, sports-oriented boys, we were the perfect fit for these two Goldens. Gibson fit in right away but Shelby wasn’t so sure. She was timid and wouldn’t give eye contact and even cowered when she saw a walking stick. We can only imagine what previous horrors made her afraid. It was obvious that Gibson had looked after her in the past as he continued to do here. We did everything to make Shelby feel safe and within three weeks, we started to notice small improvements. After three months, Shelby was a happy, comfortable, loving part of the family, just like Gibson (Gibby) was from day one. These precious gifts have been an amazing addition to our family. There have been more smiles and laughs in our home every single day since they arrived. We can’t imagine our lives without Shelby and Gibby here with us.

Tanya, Pete, Victor & Marc

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