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Kyro #3399

Gender: male

Status: Adopted

When Kyro first came down the ramp at the airport, he grabbed hold of us and held on really tight as if to say thank you SO much for saving me and please don’t ever leave me. Ever since then we have all been in love. He has adapted very well to Canada and his loves are family, toys, going for walks, toys, zoomies, toys, snow, toys, treats, his dog friends, toys, cuddles, did we mention toys…and most of all his MOM! Every day he does his ‘zoomies’ which entails running around like a crazy boy, throwing his toys all over the place. It is the funniest, most joyful thing you’ll ever see. Kyro is pretty happy to be here and he lets us know every day that he is.   

Eryn, Rob, Aidan & Alexander 

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