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Kaila #3429

Gender: female

Status: Adopted

Kaila is a bubbly bundle of love. She is described by her forever family as a ‘puddle of joy’ who loves meeting new people in anticipation of a belly-rubbing session. A Cairo export, this girl has adapted well to Canada’s cold and loves this new stuff called snow as long as she’s wearing her coat. She does love other dogs, but only off-leash. On leash, she becomes fearful when other dogs are sighted, so she makes sure to quickly let them know not to mess with her. She is still a teenager so she’s a work-in-progress but she is up for the challenge as are her adoring parents. Kaila has the quirkiest ‘smile’ because her lip gets caught on her tooth and makes it look like a smirk! We could not love this little girl more.

Yvonne & Carey

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