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Benji #3456

Gender: male

Status: Adopted

Benji was being cared for by GR’s behaviourist in order to learn our Canadian ways as he had some issues that he came upon honestly on the streets of Cairo. We saw him on the GR website and we somehow knew he was our boy. Fortunately for us, GR and their behaviourist agreed that we might be a good fit so a meet and greet was set up…and our journey with Benji began. The first week was difficult but we stayed consistent with training instructions and Benji became the funny, loving, goofy Golden he is today. He has settled in so well and has his own comfy chair and bed and, as much as he loves being beside us, he also loves his own space from time to time. Everyone in the neighborhood knows Benji and our polite, friendly little boy loves nothing more than to sit at the feet of our neighbours waiting for an ear rub before we continue on our walk. Thank you, Golden Rescue, for bringing Benji into our lives. We are not sure who rescued who because Benji has filled our lives with love, laughter, and kindness. He has truly made our lives whole!   

Carol & Robert 

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