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Pal #3489
Skye #3490
Status: Adopted

Pal and Skye (aka Mitts and Socks) flew directly from Cairo right into our family’s heart. These Golden troopers handled the long flight with ease and couldn’t wait to experience everything Canada has to offer. After their long flight, we had to drive two hours to get home. They both jumped right into the car as if to say “Let’s go, eh!” sounding Canadian already. Their first sight of snow was an eye-opener but undaunted, they jumped right into the white stuff. Pal looked just like our previous Golden, Buddy, and according to our granddaughter, Skye looks just like Skye the Paw Patrol dog, so armed with their new names, these superstars settled into home-life quickly and comfortably and embraced everything we threw at them. They play beautifully together and their favourite toy is always coincidentally the one the other one has. Their play-fight over the prized possession is wonderful to watch and we can’t help but wonder if either had ever had a toy in their previous life ~ probably not.

Susan & Bill

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