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Matthew #3536

Gender: male

Status: Adopted

When the volunteers at the airport came out holding the collar and leash we had prepared as part of Matthew’s welcome home package, our hearts skipped a beat. We knew it was our turn. We had prepared as much as we could, but nothing prepares you for that first moment you lay your eyes on, and wrap your arms around, your new best friend. Our lives changed in that moment. The transformation we have witnessed in Matthew is truly awe-inspiring. Matthew has evolved from an underweight and demeaned dog to the goofiest, most excitable boy. Matthew is very sensitive and intuitive ~ he has these big puppy eyes that look up at us for comfort. The trust he has placed in us is so rewarding. As Matthew’s physical form started to fill out, his eyes began to sparkle and he now beams with happiness. We still see him trying to express himself and his delight each and every day. He asks to go out to the patio at night to relax on the lounge chair for hours, even in the colder air. He is obsessed with other dogs and is the ambassador for my pack-walking dog business where he gets to play in a field with 6-8 other dogs each day. He brings so many smiles to so many faces. He even gives hugs if he likes you. He has brought an incredible amount of love, enjoyment, and comfort to our family. We are thankful that Golden Rescue and the volunteers in Cairo found him just for us. Opening our home and our hearts to Matthew has been truly the greatest blessing. The ways in which Matthew has flourished is every reason to rescue.

Hannah, Taylor & Marsha

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