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Sauble #3582

Gender: male

Status: Adopted

This is Sauble ~ a pup found on the side of the road in Cairo, rescued to a Cairo shelter, sponsored, shipped, and adopted into our loving family. What an adventure, transformation, and exciting travels this wonderful little boy has had already. Named after ‘River aux Sauble’ where we whitewater rafted, this boy has taken to Canadian life with passion. He has learned most of our bewildering ways from his big brother, a flat-coat retriever, who Sauble idolizes. He has learned almost everything from his big brother, including which pantry door has delicious cookies behind it. Sauble has even had experience with the dreaded head-cone (but he didn’t like that one too much). His new home is steps away from a huge conservation area with great walks and lakes to swim in. Yes, we sure hit the lottery the second he landed in Canada.

Sheri & Collin 

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