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Forrest #3599

Gender: male

Status: Adopted

Forrest arrived in Toronto covered in a fine dust, hair all matted, and an odour only a mother could love. Once out of the crate, walked, and watered, he jumped into the car apparently all ready for the five-hour drive to Ottawa. Within minutes he was lying with his head on our lap. Initially curious with his new surroundings, he eventually fell sound asleep for the rest of the journey. Forrest loves human contact at all times and he follows us everywhere. He loves the car and is so disappointed when he sees us going off to work without him. But shortly after we leave, he goes for a snooze on the sofa or lies on his Barbie blanket. Forrest is such a part of our entire family/pack ~ in just a short while he has stolen our hearts and it is like he has always been here. We hate comparing him to our past dogs, but he is a combination of all their amazing traits and has been sent to us by those before him. Thank you to Golden Rescue for bringing this amazing young boy into our lives.

Scott, Jen & Erin

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